Indiana Laborers Fringe Benefit Funds provide easy, convenient electronic web-based remittance reporting.  Benefits of the new Employer portal include: 

  • Enter remittance data using a variety of standard methods-upload a payroll file, copy a prior report or start from scratch.
  • Update their organization's information online including demographics, bank account, contacts and Portal user account information.
  • The Portal is built with smart continuity features, so if the connection is interrupted, there is no loss of data.  Using spreadsheet-style data entry allows for easy, intuitive entry of employee data and a "save-as-you-go" feature allows employers to begin a remittance and return later to finish at your convenience.
  • Available 24/7 where Employers can instantly see how much they owe and when it is due based upon the Collective Bargaining Agreement in effect for the work period, no matter what time of day or night you access the Portal.

Employer XG Login:

Click on the button below for assistance with Employer XG or contact the Fund Office at 812-238-2551 option 3


Click the button below to download a remittance form.