There are 11 different locals that make up the Indiana Laborers jurisdiction. To see all Local Union information for the Indiana Laborers, please click below:


​The Plans cover persons who work for participating Employers under a Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiated by the Laborers International Union of North America, State of Indiana District Council.

​The Plans are maintained and administered by a Board of Trustees on which labor and management are equally represented.  To see a listing of the Trustees click here:

The Indiana Laborers Welfare and Pension Fund Staff and Trustees are committed to providing quality health care and retirement benefits to our participant membership through two primary functions: 

  • A conscientious, down-to-earth, customer service oriented approach to participant medical claims, retirement applications and questions generated by these processes.
  • Sound fiscal policy/procedures insuring timely/accurate receipt of contributions in conjunction with effective monitoring of asset allocations to maximize growth of the Fund.

We are driven by the realization "our very existence is dependent on the man-in-the-field"  We honor their hard work by applying the principles of Integrity, Willingness to help, Pride, Fairness and Stewardship to our daily activities.  We strive to maintain financial health so as to provide benefits for generations to come.