Annual Seminars in:
Union Leadership Management Training

 To stay in line with new technology, regulations, procedures and safe work practices, the Indiana Laborers Training Fund is constantly revising and updating their curriculum to meet the needs of the construction industry. The Board of Trustees and staff of the Indiana Laborers' Training Trust Fund look forward to these challenges by responding to the ever changing needs of the construcion industry by providing training and services to expand the skills, productivity and safety of the Member and the Organized Construction Industry.

Mason Tending

Metric Measurement
MSHA annual Safety Refresher & New Miner Training Program
OSHA Construction Safety, First Aid and CPR
Pipelaying Shoring and Lasers
Preventive Maintenance
Rigging Procedures
Right of Way Preparation (Clearing)
Scaffolding Orientation & Safety
Supervisory Training:
- Basic Construction Plan Reading
- Foreman Preparedness
- Leadership Training
- STP Construction Supervisor
- STP Superintendent Units 1-10
Transit, Levels and Grade Checking
Water Blasting

The construction industry demands construction craft laborers to use tools, equipment and procedures that require specialized training. To meet their needs and demands the Indiana Laborers Apprenticeship Program requires all apprentices to successfully complete a minimum of 432 hours of classroom and hands-on training. A total of 144 hours of related instruction must be completed each year for the apprentice to progress through the program.

Curriculum developed and implemented by the Indiana Laborers Training Fund includes but is not limited to the following courses:

Air Trac and Pneumatic Tools
Arc and Gas Welding
Asbestos Abatement Worker and Supervisor Training Programs
Asphalt Placement
Blasting and Explosives
Blueprint Reading, Building, Road and Bridge
Carpenter Helper
Commercial Diver Tender
Concrete Technology
Concrete Specialist I & II
Craft Orientation
Demolition, Cutting and Burning
Fire Prevention and Control
Flagging and Signaling
General Construction
Hazard Communication
Hazardous Waste Worker and Supervisor Training Programs
ICRA for Occupied Facilities
Lead Base Paint Abatement