Wage Schedule
1st Period
0-1000 Hours
75% of Journey worker Rate

2nd Period
1001-2000 Hours85% of Journey worker Rate
3rd Period
2001-3000 Hours90% of Journey worker Rate
4th Period3001-4000 Hours95% of Journey worker Rate


Apprentices shall be paid a progressively increasing schedule of wages consistent with skills and knowledge acquired. The rate for each period of the apprenticeship is expressed as a percentage of the skilled Construction Craft Laborer journey-worker rate specified in the collective bargaining agreement. The approximate time interval for each period is indicated.

The Committee hereby establishes apprenticeship hours completed as the basis for wage progression. Apprentices shall receive the full fringe benefit package but shall receive wages based on the following schedule:

* 0-500 hours probational Apprentice shall be 50% of journey worker rate for Local Unions #41 and #81 Building Agreement only.

The Committee, or its designated representatives, shall receive and evaluate records and reports concerning an apprentice's progression to the next wage level approximately two weeks prior to the new advancement level. Notification by the Committee, or its designated representatives, concerning wage progression will be submitted to the Union, Employer and apprentice in writing prior to implementation of the new wage rate.​